How to configure SSH between Windows Host and Linux Guest O/S on Oracle Virtual Box

SSH Setup – Windows Host/RHEL7 Guest

Due to various needs, we may in need of installing multiple operating systems for Lab setup or to test some virtualization tests
or for implementing a client/server model.

If we are using the Virtualization tools like Oracle Virtual box, its very clumsy to switch the host to guest opertaing system or
switching between different operating systems in Oracle Virtual Box itself. Though you might use oracle virtual Box guest additions
for enhanced rich desktop version , but still system works lazy if you have less very minimal configuration machine.

Therefore, most of the users prefer terminal mode to access the Operating systems. This video demonstrates the basic SSH setup between Host Operating system and the Guest operating system on oracle Virtual Box.

This video demonstrates the basic SSH Setup between Host( Windows Operating system) and the guest ( Red Hat Linux OS) on a
Oracle virtual Box.

Disclaimer: Oracle Virtual Box, redhat and Windows are the trademarks of the respective owners.

Written by Ramesh Metta

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